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If you don't know how customers react to your posts you are lost in a sea of magnitude

Every day you get a lot of information relative to your social media analytic data. Those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. Sure they are important for your ego and for your business, but they are only a small part of what people think about you. Today you should know a lot more to navigate safely.

Your brand can’t survive on “likes” only.
(Believe us)

When we study a social media profile we get a lot of information on people’s reactions to your personal or commercial social media profile.
There is a significant and pervasive difference between how people act on social media and what people think about what they are seeing.

Fast and Furious

The social network is like speed dating. Who and what catches your attention? Why does it work? Do you remember what you saw? Everything we see on social media is being processed by our eyes and brains at a rapid pace. We can detect a visual signal in a few milliseconds, as you do when you scroll through your smartphone. But if you are not aware of what works - and this is different from “likes” - you are just Furious and probably too Fast.