Binoocle speaks at “E-commerce Italy 2019” in Milan and Rome.

Since 2007 the research and conference “E-commerce in Italy” carried out by Casaleggio Associati represents a critical networking and updating event for e-commerce operators in Italy, with extensive coverage by the sector media. Participation is reserved for e-commerce merchants: entrepreneurs, managing directors, general managers, marketing managers, e-commerce managers, and Internet managers.

We were invited to speaks at “E-commerce 2019” during the two conferences in Milano and in Rome. On this occasion, we presented a case study, “ Emotional design: the value of emotions and desing in e-commerce” where we explain how neuroscience can support companies and web designer agencies to perform better and create a much better engagement in customer experience. It was the chance to divide our stage with many leaders company as Nexi, Flixbus, Deliveroo, Octoplus, etc.

It was a great experience, especially to understand how big is the future business related to e-commerce and how many strategies a company can support.