Artificial Intelligence


VISION2 is an advanced Artificial Intelligence system that can be immediately installed, with no need for assistance, which operates through any webcam or camera in real (direct) time to perform various functions and help maintain safe behavior. VISION 2 produces non-invasive signals through acoustic or visual indicators but does not allow the recording of sensitive data in respect of privacy.

We have created three Vision2 applications designed to monitor different situations such as monitoring numbers of people, the use of protective masks, and the management of a waiting line.

Pro Person

Assure a safe number of people in a space, avoiding crowds.

Pro Person is a system of advanced monitoring measuring the number and movemement of people in a certain place, sending off a signal when the number goes over the one that’s been decided or suggested. It is thus a system that helps to maintain a reasonable number of people in a certain space and prevent crowds.

Face Mask

Detect the presence of protective masks.

Face Mask is an advanced monitoring system that allows the detection of the presence of protective masks through the use of a webcam, sending a warning in case of a lack of face protection in real time.


Your trusted concierge helps you manage entries and lines in a safe manner.

Concierge allows to regulate lines and flow in an organized and precise way, establishing the right moment to allow new customers in. It is easily programmable regarding the maximum number of persons to be safely allowed inside at a time. The customer therefore will know when to wait and when to go in and he/she will be welcomed by a discreet and visible signal.

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